Saturday, June 2, 2007

Update on time frame

Hey everyone,

I've been noticing there's been some buzz going around about the time frame on spun stitches and having to spin the yarn and knit the shawl by the end of the summer. Just to let you know that there was never really a time frame set for this KAL. Since there's such a large amount of people still signing up for the spin/knit along we're keeping the time frame open ended. That way we can give as many people as possible the chance to sign up and show off their tools, fiber and awesome knitting skills. :D



Opal said...

this is a load off my mind since i want to get 2 shawls that are currently on the needles finished before i start another. :-)

Monika said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was just starting to panic, because this is a KAL which I take seriously! ;o)

Robin said...

This works for me! Of course, I really wasn't worried about it...since I'm one of those who "dances to a different drummer"!
Thanks for starting this KAL, I love to spin, I see more Knitting KAL's than spinning!

Queue said...

at the rate I've been spinning, this is a good thing. I'm not even halfway through my 4 oz. yet . . . and I really need to finish another shawl or two first before I cast this one on.

Spin on kids!