Monday, June 11, 2007

About my Spindles

Karin asked about my spindles in my previous post - the two in the photo are a Mielke Farm Amelia (the one with the 2-colored whorl) and the other is a Victorian Lady - they both spin wonderfully. I should note that any cop on the Victorian lady has to actually be wound off - as the detailed turnings on the bottom of the spindle prevent the cop from simply sliding off the spindle.
I got sucked into sweater knitting this weekend, and unfortunately made no progress on my bowlful of spinning!


Karin Rosman said...

Thanks! I put an order in for a "Lady Ann Stripper." I love the looks of these spindles and would like to try spinning cashmere with it as it looks like it is a very fast spindle. Very envious of yours right now!

Jane said...

Beautiful spindles. I never got the hang of using them and went straight to the wheel but I always admire how lovely they look. Don't stress on the spinning. No deadline here remember?