Thursday, June 7, 2007

Question for Teresa and Kirsten!

We are supposed to knit shawls with our handspun, which I intend to do. But I'm wondering if as a first spun and knit project a lacey scarf would be alright to show here too? I've got three patterns I'm itching to knit as soon as I'll get enough yardage. I'd like to knit a larger shawl, but that will take me a while to spin.



Teresa said...

Absolutely!! I love seeing what other people knit. I love eye candy :D. I don't think we'll mind if you give your spinning a "practice run", I was actually thinking of doing that too, just to try out my spinning. :D

Kirsten said...

I agree with Teresa - it is wonderful to see all of the eye candy. We'd love to see and hear about your scarf!

Monika said...

Yeah! Now I don't feel so pressured to produce large amounts of yarn instantly! It does take quite a while to spin up enough yarn for a project. Thanks girls!

Jane said...

I think a scarf would be lovely to see! There does not appear to be a time limit as to finishing so I hope seeing smaller projects will help those of us who are slower to enjoy everyone elses work.