Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Another shawl...

I had so much fun doing one, thought I'd do another. I'm further than this. I love the yarn and the colors, and just everything! This was four ounces of south african fine roving in the color Cornucopia from Pigeonroof Studios on etsy. I was practicing getting a thicker yarn, so this is more of a fingering weight at 467 or so yards. Here are some pics of it all.

On the bobbin after plying, this is the best picture of the color.In the skein.A detail shot...
Start of the shawl:
I'm actually a lot further than this now that I look at it...it's the Forest Canopy shawl on size 8 needles, so it's flying by! I can't wait to finish it though.

Got Yarn?

4 ounces of lace weight yarn. Doesn't look like much does it? I plied the Polworth and I imagine I have enough for a smallish project. Should I try to figure out how much I actually have or just throw myself into a project and pray? And what to make? I plan to decide this weekend when I swatch. Size US 3 or higher I think. It will fluf when washed. What happened to the merino/tencel you ask? I tried to spin it thin and I hated spinning with it. There have only been a hand full of things I loath to spin. I disliked spinning un-cut baby camel (yarn felt waxy), really don't like mohair or bunny rabbit (had to take allergy medication) and now I can add tencel to the list. Though it looks a little like silk, it doesn't act like silk and felt listless, almost brittle in my hands. I will try to spin the merino/tencel thicker for knitting other things but if I still hate it, I will see how my sister likes it since she uses spindles to spin more than the wheel. I'll be back once I figure out what to knit with this stuff :-)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Luna Moth shawl finished!

I finally finished my Luna moth shawl and it's blocked! Didn't do such a great job blocking the top of the shawl. Still, I think I did a good job knitting it - a fun pattern. It was even more fun to spindle my own yarn, then dye it with onion skin, and knit it into something beautiful! I'm very proud of myself right now ;)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Polworth (What to do with only 4 ounces?)

So I have these 4 ounces of Polworth that I bought on sale from Deep Color when it was closing it's store front. I don't know about you all, but 4 ounces of anything is kinda of little for someone like me. The color is YUMMY but still... I mean...4 ounces. I'm spinning it on my Schacht single treadle and if it looks like I just can't figure out what to make with such limited yardage I might just spin the merino tencel (another Deep Color purchase) you see below and ply it with the Polworth. This is the first time I've tried spinning Polworth and it's kind of "spongy" to my hands. Oh well. The start of a project. What will I make? Lace of course but not sure just yet what it will be :-) I'll have to get back to you.