Monday, June 11, 2007

Introduction and FO

I just finished my lace scarf. If you are on the Victorian Lace Today blog, you've seen the photo and I'll apologize for the duplicate photo. This is the first time I have completed a lace project with my lace yarn. It was all spun on my Tiger spindle (Cascade) and plied on my St. Helen spindle (Cascade). I do almost all of my lace spinning on a spindle at the park where my son plays as this is the only time I have to spin lace. For heavier yarns, I use my Rio Grande Wheel (in the picture) or my Fricke. The Fricke, though a good wheel, is getting little use these days as my preference has been for spindles, big and small. I keep a blog about my spinning and knitting at

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Opal said...

beautiful scarf!