Sunday, June 10, 2007

Missing hardware and tender software

Hi all! I figured I better introduce myself as I have been a member for a while now. Grin it is also 4am and I am wide awake with nothing much to do while I wait for my jammed fingers and sprained wrist to heal. My name is Dorothy and I live in southeastern Wyoming, USA. To get here you go to Denver, Colorado, turn north and drive about 2 hours. ;-)

The hardware pictured is a Lendrum Saxony in cherry. He is a dream to spin on but sigh belongs to the store still. Hopefully he will be here by the end of Summer.
FYI if any of you are into Maggie Sefton's books that is the actual store written about in those novels ;-) I have yet to meet her as we attend differnt "teas" but someday I hope to arrange my schedule so I can.

Now back to reality. Grin my hardware is an Ashford Kiwi with the normal whorl on it.

The software is a lovely Alpaca/BFL blend from Kendig Cottage in the color Acorn. I have not picked out a pattern yet as I want to see what weight my yarn turns out to be.

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Crow Calling Woman said...

Have you asked your store person if you can layaway the wheel? My LFS lets me write post dated checks so that I can take a peice of equipment home and start using it ASAP while on layaway. Run it by them and see if this will work for them. I love fiber shops that work with the customers on this level!

Teresa said...

Nice Spinning wheel. At least you have one though, I'm sitting here with a teeny weeny widdle drop spindle LOL. I hope you get the spinning wheel, looks like a dream to spin on. I'm hoping to convince my husband that I just can't survive another day without one. So far, he isn't convinced. :D

Jane said...

You poor woman! I hope you heal up fast so you can have some fun again. I've never tried your wheel but it looks pretty good. Not as good as the Saxony wheel you want of course but I bet you've had lots of time to perfect your spinning on your current wheel. Glad you are posting even though you have a delay. Heal quickly.