Sunday, June 10, 2007

Old Lendrum

I thought some of you other Lendrum owners would like to see an older model. I bought this used, but the previous owner said it's from the 80's. I really like how the wood has aged.

It still uses a flexible metal cable footman.

The flyer uses hooks too. (I've replaced them with Woolee Winder). Check out the HUGE plying head!

My Project
I have more then half of the yarn spun up. It's the same WPI as the magazine suggested (13-14 WPI).

It's rustic, but I kind of like that for the four generation shawl.


Jane said...

We have a newer Lendrum but that plying head is still huge :-) Looks like they age pretty well.

Kirsten said...

I love older wheels because of the beautiful patina the wood has. Your Lendrum looks like a beauty.