Monday, June 18, 2007

Another Intro.

Hi, I am Laura, aka soapturtle. My home on the 'net is here.

I joined a couple of weeks ago, but haven't felt chatty lately, so I am just now getting to my intro.

I have just finished spinning up around 800 yards of2 ply heavy lace/fingering weight and now just have to decide on what pattern to use with it. Whatever I choose, I think I am going to throw some beads on it as well.


Kirsten said...

Pretty Yarn!
Looking forward to seeing what pattern you choose.

Sherry W said...

I have such a soft spot for red shawls. It's fantastic spin, I can't wait to see what you choose.

Marlene said...

Oooo, very pretty!

Monika said...

Very pretty hue of red. Looking forward to see your chosen pattern knit with it.

Opal said...

Lovely yarn! I look forward to seeing what colour beads you use with it.