Saturday, June 16, 2007


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Hi. My name is Marlene. Thanks for allowing me to join the group.

I've only been spinning for about 2 years now but I learned to knit over 40 years ago. I love to knit lace and have completed several shawls, including the Swallowtail Shawl above, which was knit in my own spindle-spun 2 ply. There are more details about it on my blog, "Wovenflame", if you are interested.

I'll be back over the next several days with pictures of my "hardware", current "software", and perhaps some ideas of where I will be taking it.


Monika said...

Beautiful in red, and spindle spun! I admire everybody who can spin with a drop spindel for such big projects! I'm too impatient for that. ;o)

Marlene said...

Thanks Monika. I use a Little Gem II wheel most of the time but I have a lovely spindle that I keep near the kitchen. I only spin on it during little stolen moments throughout the day. A minute or two here and there (such as watching for a pot to boil), really adds up over time. I once heard it said that a wheel is quicker by the minute but a spindle is faster by the week. Sometimes it does turn out to be true.