Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lookie what came for me today

It's the high speed flyer kit I ordered for my Louet wheel. The kit included a high speed flyer, three fat core bobbins, and a spare drive band for much less than I've been able to find them elsewhere.

Since I chose the free (slow) shipping option I really didn't expect these to show up until sometime next week at the earliest. In them meantime, I started spinning one of my precious Grafton Fiber batts Sunday at my fiber guild meeting.


Kirsten said...

Don't you love it when the mail man surprises you with new goodies! Have fun with your new equipment.
Pretty wool.

Tracy said...

Great colors. What fibers are the Graftom Batts? Looks shiny.

Not That Kat said...

The one I'm spinning now is Corridale. I have one more that is Wensleydale. They are loose and lofty and just glow. I laid out my batt on a table at my fiber guild meeting last weekend, and just tore off strips as I needed them. No pre-drafting required. And it spins like a dream.