Thursday, June 21, 2007

Alpaca Lace and an Intro

Hello everyone - While I've spun for almost 3 years this is my first lace project. I bought this alpaca 2 years ago and finally I'm getting around to spinning it. I'm not sure which project to do with this yet, so I'm just spinning first and seeing how far it goes.
My first lace singles...

If anyone is planning on attending the Midwest Fiber Festival - I've signed up for the spinning lace class on Sunday morning. I'm hoping to practice more before then and then really pick up some refining tips for the future.

~ Madame Purl


Kirsten said...

That alpaca looks soooo soft!
Have a great time at the Midwest Fiber Festival. The lace spinning class sounds great, I wish I could go.

Marlene said...

The natural color of the alpaca would make a lovely Wing of the Moth Shawl.

Jane said...

Your alpaca looks really yummy and you are spinning great singles. I'm on the West Coast and I envy you going to the Midwest Fiber Festival. Have a great time.