Friday, June 8, 2007


Hello! I'm Stephanie...
I blog over here - I joined up a few days ago, just haven't had a moment to post :) Here I am now, though - with a shot of one of my pieces of hardware - my Kromski Minstrel - I love her - she's almost 2 years old.

I also have several spindles - 2 of which you can see here:

and lots of fiber...though I'm partial to merino, I also adore Blue Faced Leicester, silk merino blends and angora blends - though the angora gets all over the place, kinda like my cat's fur ;)

I'm looking forward to this - I have a whole bowl of fiber predrafted and ready to go, and it's just been sitting beside my spinning wheel for quite some time. I'm not quite sure what I'll knit up yet.

One of my more recent projects that was spun and knit was a scarf for my sis in law.

Yarn (closeup):

Scarf (closeup):

In the meantime, I'm really enjoying looking at everyone elses photos and posts :D


Karin Rosman said...

I haven't introduced myself yet, I'll apologize for that later. But is that a "Lady Ann" spindle??? If not, what are you spindles?

Crow Calling Woman said...

OH total droolage here!! Oh jeez...gotta wipe up the mess before I fry the keyboard...again!!

Jane said...

Really pretty spinning/knitting! Your wheel looks really nice too. I envy your ability to use a drop spindle. I suck on drop spindles though I like the way they look. I also have difficulty chewing gum and walking at the same time :-)