Friday, June 15, 2007

spinning for laceweight

hi, my name's jen & i'm relatively new to the group. i've been hiding & looking at everyone's awesome stuff. hopefully mine will be good. i learned to spin on a spindle (i've got about 4 now) but started asking for a wheel shortly after. this is the tool of my madness. it's a kromski prelude. i got it for my 22nd birthday. it's a nice beginner wheel, but i've got my sights set on another kromski, maybe a mazurka or a minstrel. maybe perhaps a sonata. i just like the onboard kate with the prelude.

here's some laceweight i've been spinning up. not finished yet, (it IS laceweight) but hope to be soon. it's about 4 oz. of black bunny fibers in the peaches (no herb) colorway, 100% falkland wool. it's awesome to spin, but i think i say that about everything since i tried to spin my first yarn out of merino.

i spun up some lorna's laces wool top as weel. you can see pics of those on my blog.

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Jane said...

Beautifu colorway and really nice spinning!