Friday, June 1, 2007

Getting started

I was happy to find this KAL - I need a push to spin some of my fiber stash and actually use it. I wasn't sure what to use...and then I remembered something I bought at Maryland this year.


I bought this from Tintagel Farm. Its 50% wool, 50% mohair - I don’t think I’ve spun mohair before so I’m having fun. The photo just doesn't do it justice - its really a dark blue, teal and yellow (no idea where the colors in the photo came from but I couldn't get anything better and my batteries were dying!).


I just had knee surgery this week, so I just started spinning it today and could only go for a little bit....but hope to get it done by the end of June. Not sure what shawl to make yet - I need to see what it looks like when its plied.

I'm looking forward to being part of this KAL, and seeing all the beautiful fiber become beautiful shawls!

Jeanne Knits


Hattie said...

That is some beautiful roving! Too bad they don't sell it on their site.

Kirsten said...

Very pretty. I hope your knee is feeling better soon.