Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mission Control, We Have Yarn

I have plied one strand of Lisa Souza merino and one strand of Lisa Souza BFL to make this yarn. Spun 36 WPI on both my Schacht and my sisters Majacraft Rose. I did not bother to put this into a skein. I just wound it from the bobbin onto a ballwinder with a toilet paper roll in the center that had be cut down and taped so it would remain as the center of this ball. That way, if there is some over-twist it won't kink up in the middle while I use it. I don't have a lot of over twist and what there is will block out when I go to knit the shawl. If I leave it wound in this form long enough, it will block on it's own actually. Will post soon once I get a little on the needles. I will be making "Legends of the Shetland Seas" by Hazel Carter on US 2 needles. I will be posting my progress on this stole here and on my own blog. For those who were asking about what missalicefaye would be knitting with that green yarn I spun, she is swatching for something out of Victorian Lace Today and will post it later on her blog.

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Kirsten said...

Really beautiful! I love the range of neutrals.