Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Half Spun

I posted about a week ago with my fiber and hardware (ashford wheel and spindolyn). ...I've made some progress:

I've got about 580-590 yards of it done - and I ordered more angora and it arrived over the weekend (fast shipping!!). I'm about to start spinning the second half tonight. I still haven't decided on a pattern, although I'm planning to visit my LYS tomorrow and look through theirs to see if something strikes me as right for this yarn. I just love how it's turning out (I left it on the mantel for a couple of days just so I could see it often!).

I'm hoping to be done spinning within the next week... we'll see how that goes. Seeing everyone else's projects is a lot of fun!



Hattie said...

Wow you've got a lot done! I sure hope my spindolyn gets here soon, it seems like a better alternative to drop spindling. Your yarn looks so beautiful and I bet it's really soft!

Monika said...

Your yarn looks wonderful. I have white merino roving and was thinking of how to use it. I thought of dyeing it, but your idea looks just right to me too. Hope you'll find a pattern you like.

LaBean said...

Oh that is gorgeous!! I've been so in the mood for blues lately.. I hope you don't think I'm copy-catting if I do blue too!!