Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Plyed and Busted

I don't think I've ever had one of these large, Majacraft bobbins so full! I plyed and plyed and in the end I got nearly 250g of 2 ply laceweight (22 WPI) on there. I'd love to tell you how many yards that made but ----

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--- when I had counted off well over 300 wraps (on a 2 yard niddy noddy) the piece of junk broke under the strain. I knew it was cracked, and I've ordered a new one, but I was hoping the loosely jointed, weak, poorly designed, piece of good for nuthin' kindling would hold together long enough to finish this job. As it was I had to yelp for help before hundreds of yards of handspun became hopelessly tangled.

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I quickly finished winding the skein while my husband held it on his outstretched arms. *whew*

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It's had it's bath and is hanging (perfectly balanced, *woo hoo*!) to dry. Hopefully I'll be able to borrow a yardage counter to get an accurate length before choosing a shawl design.


Tyler said...

That's too bad about the cracked niddy noddy. Another reason an umbrella swift is best, well, for me anyways. I love your yarn, hope you find a good pattern for it! If I may suggest, the book Victorian Lace Today is a wonderful book with beautiful patterns.

Hattie said...

That yarn is beautiful! I love the sparkle and can't wait to see what you make!

Kirsten said...

I"m glad your husband was available and a disaster was averted!
That is very pretty yarn. I look forward to watching your shawl progress.

Arianne said...

I love your yarn!
I'm sorry about your niddy noddy...but I love your yarn!

I'm VERY new to spinning! I only started a few weeks ago and I only have a spindle so far, but I love to spin! I hope some day I can spin yarn just like you!

Lady O said...

That is beautiful!

Jane said...

Beautiful work on your yarn! I wish mine was as perfectly balanced. Too bad about the niddy noddy but that gives you a chance to get a really nice one to replace it.