Sunday, June 10, 2007

Meet Captain Jack and me , dudleyspinner Deb

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This Pi shawl is one I made a few months ago. Blocking is a big job but makes all the difference.

I am Deb aka dudleyspinner. I dye dudleyspinner roving and spin, knit, needle felt and other fiber arts.
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This is Captain Jack, (he has a wobble) This wheel is about 35 years old, one of the first Ashford Traditional wheels. He has a new double treadle system because the original had two bolts instead of one crank and it had a terrible thunk when you treadled. He also had the jumbo flyer and the bobbin holds over a pound of yarn. That is a lot of yards when you are spinning fine.
Deb aka dudleyspinner


Monika said...

I'm new to the spinning fun. Your Pi shawl looks fantastic. Do you use the Jumbo Flyer kit to spin? I thought this was just to ply yarn. Please enlighten me! What about a lace flyer kit? Can you tell me anything about that? I've bought a new Ashford Traditional wheel and love it, but have no comparison.

Jane said...

Great Shawl. Very pretty colors

Morandia said...

I LOVE the color progression. You do such amazing things with color!

Dudleyspinner's Tie Dye Rovings said...

I use the jumbo flyer and am spinning about 20 wraps per inch. I plan to use the yarn as a singles to keep the color progression clear. It holds a lot of yarn. I spun up about a pound of roving on one bobbin. It is drying now, and that may take awhile because the humididty is about 90% today. It is a huge honking hank of yarn! My dudleyspinner roving is really easy to spin and keep the colors nice and clear. I strip off the side of the roving and try to get as many rainbow repeats as I can.