Thursday, June 7, 2007

Just Joined/First Post

Hi, everyone. I joined up last weekend, but just got everything together to introduce myself and show off my hardware and software.

My name's Kat and I'm in the Midlands of South Carolina (central part of the state) . I blog my fiber and other crafting adventures here.

I've been spinning for almost two years, and I tend to spin on the fine side naturally. I've been working my way down and have finally spun a true laceweight that I'm happy with. When I found this KAL, the timing couldn't have been better.

My Hardware:

My Louet S51 wheel, for which I just ordered a high speed flyer/bobbin set. Spinning for this project will wait for it's arrival.

My software:

I've got 4 ounces of Merino/Tencel roving from Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks in the colorway Purple Haze. This photo doesn't show off the colors all that well, but it is a lovely subtle blend of deep purple and grey that I just adore.

But wait, there's more.
This is my first laceweight that I spun over the winter. It is bluefaced leicester from Dry Creek Naturals (sadly, without website) It has a subtle varigation of fibers: while predominately a blue green, there is yellow and purple and grey as well. I have approximately 400 yards of it at 26 wpi and need to find a project for it.

I am strongly considering the Swallowtail Shawl from IK Fall 2006, but am a bit concerned about yardage. The pattern calls for one skein of Misty Lace Alpaca which has 437 yards. I have 400 yards, give or take. I've perused around the blogosphere and have yet to determine whether I have enough yarn. Does anyone know how much actual yardage this pattern requires? I hate the thought that I could get down to the end and run out. Any pattern suggestions for a small shawl or scarf that I could execute with this yardage?


Guernseygal said...

I made the swallowtail last year. I used a skein of Cherry Tree Hill suri alpaca - I think there was just over 400yds in the skein and I had at least 50 left at the end. It is what I would call a shawlette rather than a shawl, but it is lovely. I'm making a second larger one (more repeats)as my spun stitches project :-)

Not That Kat said...

Thanks, that's exactly what I needed to know. Most everyone I could find that talked about leftover yarn amounts started out in the neighborhood of 500 yards. One had much less (350 yds) and had to shorten the border pattern.

Queue said...

I'm knitting that pattern now . . . with 440 yards of fingering weight merino . . . and I've done two extra repeats of the main lace pattern. I'd report how much yarn I used, but I'm not done yet.

funfairiegirl said...

What part of SC are you in? I am in Charlotte, NC and always looking for fun weekend spinning!

Opal said...

Here's a site that you might find useful. It has a list of triangular shawls and the yardage it requires.

Opal said...

Let's try it again.

Jane said...

I know someone who knit this shawl and ran out pf yarn and only needed 5 more yards to finish! She has had to order another ball of yarn. If she had gone down a needle size to knit it, she would have been fine. Consider going down a needle size. If the resulting lace looks good in the smaller size needle then I think you would be OK.

Marlene said...

I knit the Swallowtail Shawl using 18 WPI handspun of BFL. The final shawl weighs exactly 3 ounces.

You can see the size it turned out here: