Wednesday, May 23, 2007

teh crazeee attacks...

spun stitches 1

Forgive the cruddy photo -- it's storming here and I'm indoors (obviously), so light was eluding me.

I've managed to get about half a boobbin done of this -- which is a dyed BFL roving by the Yarn Pirate -- which should ply up to just about fingering weight. Which is right where I wanted it, so things are going swimmingly.

Teh Crazee, though, comes in when I start thinking about what to knit with it. See, I had thought I'd just spin this 4 oz. up and find a pattern to work with it. It'd be more "big scarf" than "shawl", but that was okay with me.

Then I had the sudden revelation that I have more BFL in my roving stash. That if I spun a bunch of different ones -- like six 400 yarders or 12 200 yard skeins -- that I could totally do a Keepsake Shawl with them all. Blend them all together. Have a great big lace colorful bit of yumminess with a bunch of my roving-y bits. Granted, the Keepsake was the first big thing I ever knit myself, and it took a whole long time and wasn't even remotely knit to pattern (one side kind of looks like it has some lace to it; the other side kind of just looks knit with some yarn overs placed un-strategically in various random places.). It took me SIX WEEKS. And that was with Beginner's Motivation.

I'm still debating it, because a shawl like that, made totally of stuff *I* spun *myself* sounds pretty delicious. But hooboy -- the commitment.

Or maybe that should be translated as "I should BE committed." One of the two.


Queue said...

doooooo iiiiiiiit [/enabling]

Gorgeous roving by the way.

Kirsten said...

Ooooo, sounds pretty amazing. I think you should do it!!