Sunday, May 27, 2007


Hey all, I just joined, and I'm a very new spinner. So new in fact that today is the first time I tried it. I have had some roving stockpiled because I knew that I was going to try it soon, I just haven't found a spindle yet. Anyway, after I saw that spindolyn in the post below I knew that's what I was going to get first.

I did however (out of impatience) fashion myself a spindle. There are tutorials on making your own out of cd's but I had only the dowel and the cds so I had to improvise. I used rubberbands above and below the cd's to hold them in place, and I actually sat and carved a sort of hook into the end of the dowel. It's very crude, but it seems to work as long as I keep the yarn thin. Otherwise it pops off.Here's what I got done in about ten minutes of messing with it, to get the feel for how the whole spinning thing works. I was surprised that mine even worked at all. Anyway there is a pic of what I was spinning. Some grey wool of unknown type with some pretty blue firestar mixed in. This is the roving that I'm saving for when I'm better, or get better hardware. I'd love to be able to get enough spun to make something with it! The top one is just wool, and I believe the blue is a wool, tencel mix. It's the most fabulous stuff ever. It's also a little darker than my flash shows. I'd like to get that spun up for a shawl.


Monika said...

The blue one, even if it's darker in reality, looks wonderful.

Teresa said...

Haha! I love the spindle. Very ingenious!!! You know you're with a true mom when she can be a MacGyver and change diapers at the same time. I'm liking that blue roving. It looks really soft.