Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hello Everyone

Well, here's my spun roving. It's slow but steady, my son has gotten a fascination with that pretty whirring thing I play with so it's a little stop and go with the spinning. The roving I'm spinning is a merino/silk blend. I'm loving it so much. It spins so nicely and is incredibly soft.

The color is a little washed out due to the lack of flash. Here's a better picture of it. It's the one in the middle.
The rest is Merino. Except for the teal which is Colonial.

I'm loving the green/yellow/red merino blend. My husband spoiled me and bought 14 pounds of roving for I'm ok for roving for about 2-3 years...but that won't stop me from buying more!!! I got all of my roving from a wonderful lady from Blue Goose Glen.
I love her stuff. Who knew spinning your own yarn could be so fun! The yarn above isn't long enough to really make anything besides a coaster, so I wound them up into balls and then put them into neat looking glass jars and put them on my shelf. I figured if I can't knit it up into anything, I'll make decor!

I haven't decided on a shawl yet. I've just ordered Victorian Lace Today (I've oogled it enough in the store I figured I might as well buy it. I'm excited to see it in the mail. I'm intending to knit a shawl for my mother as a surprise. It's going to be hard letting it go, but I know she'll love it. :D

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Monika said...

Teresa, the green is the same as I've just gotten! Isn't it wonderful??? ;o)