Sunday, May 27, 2007


I'm finally getting around to introducing myself, just as I joined the KAL I left for a well needed vacation!
Hi everyone, my name is Robin and I'd like to introduce my friend...Sonya Sonata!

I've been spinning for about 6 years now, I started with a drop spindle and quickly went to the wheel. In fact, I owned a wheel prior to learning on the drop spindle! I had "approach anxiety" when it came to sitting down to the wheel. I bartered with a friend for one of her "extra" wheels...a single treadle Ashford Traveller, which I still use for my interpretive work at Virginia's Explore Park and various other Living Histories I volunteer for.
I ADMIRE those who will be using a drop spindle to create their yarn for this KAL...I like speed and I love my new wheel!!
I've chosen a fiber for this KAL that is, in my opinion, stunning...

This colorway, "Setting Sun", was created by a local "Color Guru", Mr David Simpson at Simpson & Co. Now, unfortunately he doesn't have these colorways on his website but if you email him maybe he'll let you in on his latest color creations! I'm not teasing you guys, I've been trying to get him to take pictures of his latest to put on my blog for sale...bare with me, I'm still working at it! If you live close enough or want to plan for it there's a Spinning Retreat that takes place at Hawks Nest State Park in West Virginia, where Mr. Simpson brings loads of his "fluff" for sale! Email me or check my blog for past events...they are held twice a year in March and September. The dates for the fall event this year is September 27-30th!

Thanks for letting me come "Play" with you!

Keep on Spinnin' & Knittin'!!

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