Monday, May 21, 2007

pattern ideas

I need to find some good patterns for a first time shawl maker, preferably free but I don't mind paying a few $$ for a pattern I'd just have to convince the owner of the credit card that I really need to buy a pattern LMAO.

Anyone know of any nice patterns?


Mintdee said...
That is a list of rectangular shawls. They are separated between free patters and patterns you have to buy

Queue said...

there's a bunch of stuff . . .


and here:

I'm a fan of the shetland triangle from Wrap Style, but that means buying a book (darn!).

Kirsten said...

I second Queue's recomendation of the Shetland Triangle. You may be able to find Wrap Style in your local library.
I also like the Kiri Shawl, it is free on Knitting across the Pond. A quick google search should find it.

Jo said...

I have a triangular shawl pattern that is specifically written for new knitters. It includes all the hand-holding a new knitter needs. It is more instructions on how to design a shawl.

I've seen several shawls made by others from it, and none of them look alike, which I consider a tribute to my skills at helping people design.

The shawl has one purl stitch (the rest are knit), increases, and (usually) requires no blocking. It has endless opportunity for variation, not only in color, but yarn texture, and design. It is specifically written to be knit in any weight yarn from the finest lace weight to chunky or bulky yarn.

It's visible at, and costs $6 plus $1.50 shipping and handling.

Or you can order by sending $7.50 to my e-mail address at If you do that, don't forget to send me an e-mail with your address so I can mail it.