Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hullo, I'm Sarah

And here's another shawl in the making: That's 50/50 alpaca/silk from Handweavers' Studio in London. I started spinning it on a Kundert spindle and soon realised a) it would take forever aka a very long time to spin 1200m; b) I really enjoyed spinning. So I started again. The skein is my first 150m of 2-ply, spun on my new Louet Victoria, with a 20p coin for scale. I love the raw fibre, which looks like smooth steel wool and is incredibly soft; I only noticed that there's still some guard hair in there when I started spinning it in bulk. The singles were a bit disappointing, as I thought I'd over-twisted them, but plying and washing seems to have corrected that (as far as I can tell). I'm spinning it slowly with a bit of Jamieson Shetland Spindrift untwisted on my knee to remind me of what I'm aiming for, as the current plan is to knit the Diamond Lace Shawl from Simply Shetland 3 as a gift for my mother. I'll need 600m of light fingering-weight 2-ply. When I finish that, I have some silk top from The Silkworker as a reward. This is far beyond my comfort zone, but so beautiful I had to try it. I'm sure I can find a relative who'd like a sunset-coloured shawl.

But this is mine, all mine.

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Spun Stitches KAL said...

Oooo, that one you are keeping - gorgeous!!
Beautiful 2-ply, I can't wait to see your shawl progress.