Friday, May 18, 2007

Go, Go Spinning Wheel

As I was never much of a production spinner on a spindle and had gotten to the point where I only enjoyed spinning silk on a drop spindle, I'll be using my Clemes & Clemes kit wheel for this challenge.

As for the software, I have this.


Or at least I think that's what I'll spin up since there's more than enough fiber here for any shawl I might devise. The next step is to nail down a shawl pattern, or perhaps just start spinning and find a pattern based on my finished yarn.

What ideas do the rest of you have for your finished yarn? Will you be knitting from singles or plying? What weight of yarn will you be trying to achieve?


Kirsten said...

Oooh, that Lorna's is beautiful.

I'll be plying my yarn. I've been spinning some pretty fine singles on my new spindle so I'm hoping my finished yarn is about lace weight.

As for shawl patterns, I've made the Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style a few times and think the pattern shows off yarn really nicely. So that is my first choice right now, but we will see what the yarn wants to be once I have plyed a bit.

Monika said...

This LL is a lovely color combination. Can't wait to see it spun and knit.

Morandia said...

where did you find the LL fiber?

Melissa said...

The fiber was a gift from a friend. She picked it up at one of the three Stitch DC locations.