Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Stuff

Okay so hi, I'm Andrea and this is what I'll be working with. (I would have included a pic of the actual spinning but my camera batteries died earlier today)
my soon to be hand spun laceweight
My drop spindle is an Ashford of unknown weight because I've just never weighed it and the fiber I'll be using is 50g of merino and 25g of tussah silk fibre dyeversity in "Rosehip" by Rachel Meek in Australia that a secret pal sent me (by the way if anyone knows if she has a site or not please tell me.)
predrafted and ready
The predrafting made me worry a little because the orange just popped out more than I'd like but as I've been spinning it up I really think plying it would help dull it out.


Melissa said...

Oh....the colors...they're screaming my name. I'd also love to know if she has a website.

Melissa said...

Ok, so googling revealed this Australian site that sells the fibers, but I didn't find the artist's site

Monika said...

What powerful colors! Even though pink is not my thing, the orange is! Looking forward to your spinning pictures!

Kirsten said...

Wow! Such beautiful, vibrant colors. It will be fun watching you spin this.

Anonymous said...

Love the colors, it's going to be gorgeous. I like the idea of combining the two fibers, it should be luscious.

Teresa said...

Wow! Those colors are gorgeous! I'd love to have socks in those colors.