Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lots of new things!

Hello everyone! Here is my shawl!

Yeah, not quite done yet.

I'm processing my first fleece for this project. I was surprised that so far, it was pretty straightforward. Even handcarding is not too bad.

It's border leicester wool in a really nice light grey. I love spinning from the fresh rolags! I have almost a full bobbin now, of what I hope will be around DK
once plied.

To make it more of a challenge I'm going to make the crocheted 'Four Generation' shawl from the spring Spin Off. Did I mention I can barely crochet?

Oh, and I'm buying a house in 15 days and moving in 20. I would love to have the spinning done, but really I'd be happy if I get the first 2 bobbins plied.

I'll post my hardware over the weekend. I have a 'vintage' Lendrum wheel from the 80's you may be interested in seeing. At least something in this project isn't new!


Monika said...

It's said that spinning is stress releave, but I think I couldn't deal with spinning while packing up house and move!!! ;o) I like natural fibers colors as well, but also colored ones. I like them all. While looking for a shawl pattern, I've gone through all my Spin-Off mags, and saw the one you choose as well. Very nice! But you would have to force a hook in my hand and still I wouldn't do it. Good Luck with everything! ;o)

Kirsten said...

This KAL is so full of ambitious people! I love that! Good luck with your move. I'm looking forward to watching your spinning and shawl progress.

Birdsong said...

I love that 'before' photo! Good luck with your move and also trying to fit in spinning time, as that is a wonderful pattern... I had admired it when I came across it a few months ago and its a great goal.

Rebecca said...

Yum, love your idea and your project! As a well-seasoned crocheter, I just had to go subscribe to SpinOff after seeing that shawl!! Too pretty. Thanks!