Friday, May 25, 2007

Introduction and Personal Goal

Greetings from New Jersey! I'm still climbing the learning curve, having started spindle-spinning a year ago. One of the many things I learned during last summer's Tour de Fleece is when one spins laceweight, the roving looms large and the output seems puny and [cough] distractions abound.

Blue Face Leicester roving, singles, and 2-ply

My goal for Spun Stitches is to spin and ply sufficient yarn for a shawl and to knit said shawl by the end of summer. I plan to use the pictured never-ending coils of beauteous Blue Face Leicester from Cloverleaf Farms and my Made By Ewe spindle. I spun some of the roving for TdF, but progress since has [cough] slowed. More on my blog, Jersey Knitter.

I'm looking forward to having your good company on this quest, with thanks to Teresa and Kirsten for organizing the KAL. Also, kudos to the button-maker – they're so pretty, it's a shame to display them small.


Andrea said...

Welcome, I'm a newbie spinner too (started last August), but I find it easier and more relaxing to spin up laceweight rather than anything thicker.

Monika said...

Your BFL looks wonderful. So many shades of blue! You are right, the buttons are beautiful, never thought that someone made them. I've been sitting with a 1 oz sample for days now, spun the finest I've ever spun so far (beginner here!). It takes much longer, but I enjoy the process. I'm not in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

The blues in your fiber are lovely, this will be one gorgeous shawl.