Monday, May 14, 2007

Show Us Your Wool!!! (or silk, or cotton, or bamboo. . .)

We'd like to encourage everyone to say "hello" and show off their fiber. What are you spinning? What are your ideas for shawl patterns?

I've got a few choices that I am trying to decide among:

Angora-Silk Merino

Soy Silk


Looking forward to seeing your ideas. . .

1 comment:

Miss Violet said...

That angora-silk-merino is just gorgeous.

I still haven't decided what I'm doing yet, either. I've got 4+ ounces of a couple different specimens in the stash, and at least two that have 8+. Which is rapidly becoming the deciding factor. (I *swore* I was going to use stash roving for this, but there are sooo many great rovings out there on etsy and the's going to be HARD not to pick another one...)

Which color shawl would you be most likely to wear?