Tuesday, May 29, 2007


My yarn is coming along slow but sure. I love spinning the Merino silk. It's so easy so ply into lace weight yarn. Although, I've found that winding the finished yarn into a skien to be soaked is quite difficult. I've tried it with a sample spun yarn and I kept breaking it. I'm too vigorous I guess.

But, on a good note, I bought a new book.

The Victorian Lace Today, my husband bought me Lingerie Style. :D (He's already marked the ones he likes..of course).

I found this one. I LOVE it. I love it so much I wanted to knit it up right away. But, I remembered that my mother was going to be the recipient for the shawl since she travels to either Greece, Turkey or Italy almost every year. (Must be nice, I've been to Canada once and one of them followed me home..he was pretty cute so I thought I'd keep him. ;D) There's usually a place having a "formal night" and she's been dying for a lacy shawl.

So, I gave her the book to look at, she didn't suspect anything since I always show off my new books to her. Lo and behold this is the one she picked out that she just loved so much! It's going to look good in the lichen green. Though, I highly doubt that 2 ounces will knit up this beauty. So, I'm thinking I might break down and buy a whole pound of it. Spin the heck out of it, and then ply it up.

Here's another picture of it, though I'm afraid it's a little blurry.


Monika said...

This is a very pretty shawl. Where do you buy your lichen? I know where I can get mine, maybe it's the same source?

Miss Violet said...

Wow -- that's going to be GORGEOUS when it's done!

You have one lucky mom. :)

Rebecca said...

yum, my lichen just got here so I know it would be beautiful in that shawl!