Friday, May 25, 2007

An introduction

I'm new over here but excited to join you all! I'm hoping that being a member of the group will motivate me to finish the yarn for and actually knit my first lace from handspun.

Right now, I'm almost finished with two ounces of Merino/Silk that I bought at the Southern California Handweaver's event last year and seriously wondering about the yardage. Soon, I will know. Here it is in its roving form.
And as singles (a few days ago):

Now I have about a quarter ounce left to spin. I will wait a day or so to ply, to allow the twist to set a bit, and then it's off to the races!
I do have two more ounces of this if the yardage is small, but spinning this thin (the singles are about the thickness of sewing thread) takes SO LONG. I will probably have to take a break and spin some (more) sock yarn before tackling the other half.
Have a great weekend!


Sherie said...

Oh those singes are lovely. I really like the bright and cheerful colors.

Teresa said...

Oooohh...nice! I'm in love with those colors! I'm excited to see it knitted up!