Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sing a song of spinning wheels . . .

Can I tempt the enablers in the group?

I know I'm really new at spinning, but I'm quickly getting addicted. I'm going to start socking away funds to buy myself a wheel, but I have no idea which one I'll want to buy. My plan is to have enough saved up by next years MDSW to go there and buy one after I've tried a few. I want to see if I can find someone to show me how to spin and let me try a few wheels either at another fiber fest, but I don't know if we're going to any more this year. In the mean time, I'm gathering as much info as I can.

Ok, all that rambling leads up to this: Would any of you wheel spinners like to sing the praises of your wheels? Why do you prefer the treadle style you have? What kind of tension do you love?

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Beverly said...

I love my Lendrum, but I bet every wheel owner will sing the praises of their own wheel. I bought it for its versatility and its portability...if I were to get another wheel, it would be one of the Kromskis...I love the feel of them!