Thursday, May 24, 2007

a bit of a challenge!

Well, I am a glutton for punishment, I think. I am not sure what I will spin into a shawl yet, but I know it will be interesting. Why? Well, I just bought my spinning wheel - a super pretty Lendrum double treadle folding wheel of delightandsupremehappiness!!!!! It was delivered on Tuesday and while I HAVE a drop spindle, I just haven't done much with it. It frustrated me. So, here I am, jumping in with both feet. Learning to spin and turning it into a shawl. I couldn't be MORE EXCITED!!!!!


Beverly said...

Congrats! I lurv my Lendrum!!!

Kirsten said...

Congratulations on your purchase!!! There are so many new wheels on this S/KAL. You are all making me itch to go out an take the plunge myself!!

funfairiegirl said...

kirsten - DO IT! I got my lendrum through and they were FABULOUS to work with! I am very pleased with their customer service and stuff.