Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Spinning Samples...Craziness!

I know this flies in the face of everything we hold dear, like not knitting a gauge swatch and praying for good results, but I went and spun up samples to see what I'd like the finished yarn to be. This even involved water and twist setting. I get dizzy just thinking about it :)

In all seriousness, I thought I'd take a departure from my usual "let's see what happens" approach and actualy plan a project from start to finish. I still haven't nailed down a pattern, but there has been definite progress. I spun three different samples, all laceweight, in an attempt to figure out what I liked best. I went finer or thicker to compensate for the plying method, so they're all roughly the same weight. Pictures were taken in the middle of the night, so they may be a little dark.

First, we have a Navajo ply,


then a 2-ply,


and finally a single.


I could espouse the minimalistic glories of the simple single, but really, it means when you're done, you're done. I do feel drawn to one other thing, but I only have 2 ounces of these gorgeous golden green flecked maroon mohair locks and that's not nearly enough for a shawl. Here's a sample of one of the locks spun up, though. It's finer than the single shown above (I really need to include something for scale).


Of course, I'm still undecided.


Queue said...

any way you go the colors are gorgeous. Nice job!

Teresa said...

Such elegant colors. Very rich and autumn-like. I like the Navajo plied.

Kirsten said...

They are all so beautiful!
I am trying to decide if I want to ply my singles or not. I think there is nothing to do but swatch at this point. . .
I must learn how to Navajo ply. I really like the way that one looks.

Monika said...

Navajo ply looks the most professional. I don't like 2 ply anymore, I need to learn how to Navajo ply as well. The single looks good to me too. The last one's really gorgeous. I'm getting there! ;o)

Natasha said...

if you were going to ply I would use the navajo, but the single looks good too, actually they all look good lol