Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tarot Baggie

Or baggie for anything else for that matter, but this is intended for one of my favorite tarot decks, The Shape Shifter Deck.
The yarn I used for it was a wool and cotton blend that I blended myself on the Pat Green in the background of the photo. If you have ever seen Paton's Mosaic yarn, this is very similar. The cotton creates very soft nubs all over the yarn. I spun it a little thick so it came out bulky at 9 WPI. So the bag was a quick project. I also added a leaf lace motif in the middle so I could see into the bag without digging whatever cards were in it out. I have to do this with my cloth bags because you can't see through them, and sometimes you can't recognize what deck is in the bag from peeking in from the top. The closure cord is some of the yarn plied back onto itself to make cording (you over-spin to plies together, fold the length of yarn in half, then spin back the opposite way to get it to curl around itself).
This bag was super simple at 24 stitches (12 on each side).

The brown yarn is of luxurious softness, a wool and yak down blend (also blended on the drum carder). The yak is dark brown while the wool was a lighter chestnut brown. When blended together the tone deepened and the softness increased. Very nice fine Shetland wool and yak yarn.

I am doing a lot of blending, spinning, and sampling of the resulting blend to get a better idea of what one can blend successfully on the drum carder. This "research" (AKA- FUN!!!) will be apart of Part 3 of my video tutorial on

Until next time!


Teresa said...

Very nice! I like the Rider Waite myself. :D

Crow Calling Woman said...

I just can't work with that one! I have one, but I think it is superly ugly and just plain unappealing to look at. LOL...must be my youngness!