Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Progress on wool

I had washed my fleece last year but could not figure out why it still had 'that' smell to it. I figured some how I had just gotten a bad one and nothing could be done. So I stuck it in a bag and put it away. This group made me decide to get it out and give it one more try. I got a big tub of warm water with detergent in it and set it to soak. Three tubs and a good rinse later it is just wonderful. Overnight it dried enough for me to have some to flick finally. I am using some hand cards ? carders? on it. I have a gallon baggie full of the most wonderful silvery gray fluff now to get started on. Just as an estimate how much should i clean to start with? Like 4 ounces? more? I am really interested in that. Any hints?

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Jane said...

Since you can knit anything you want to (It doesn't appear to have to be a shawl) just spin it up and see what you get! May be a nice lace scarf? 4 oz would be plenty for that depending on what you end up with