Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Finally Spinning

Hi, All. Thanks to all for the nice comments.

Remember those beautiful batts that I posted the other day? Well....I could not do anything with them. Everything I tried did not work out. These fibers (33% wool, 33% Alpaca, 17% kid mohair, and 17% silk) are just plain slippery. So, I ripped apart the batts, mixed all 10.5 ounces in a giant tub. I grab a small handful, draft it a foot or so and spin. It actually works out very nicely.

Here is about a 1/3 ounce spun up yesterday afternooon.

I think I like it. It's easy to spin, very "organic" looking. I'm spinning it kind of loosely because I am hopeing it will bloom after I ply it and wash it up.

Have a good Independence Day.


Jane said...

That is really very pretty! I like the difference in the color shading. I bet it will be really nice to knit with. Do you know what you will make with it yet?

Tracy said...

Thank you, Jane. I'm makng the Wing-of-the-Moth Shawl from Knitspot.

Crow Calling Woman said...

If it doesn't bloom you can always patially felt the finished yarn. I saw this technique in the current issue of Spin-Off. You place the yarn in a bowl with enough yarn to cover it, add a touch of dish soap, and with a plunger or the bottom of an empty 2-Liter, "plunge" the yarn until it is slightly fulled. If you use a 2 liter bottle, give it a slight twist while pushing down-rapidly. Rinse and dry. Ta-da!

Crow Calling Woman said...

I can spel...but you know what I mean.

Tracy said...

Thanks for the idea. May try that.