Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Prayer Shawl/Stole

I have started on the prayer shawl for an Internet friend who is dealing with being diagnosed with cancer, but it is a very treatable cancer...with radiation therapy. It's more a stole than a shawl as I got the pattern from http://www.shawlministry.com/ . I am knitting it from my spun and dyed shetland wool. Being I am not "main-stream" beliefs I have substituted my own prayers for healing and comfort of which I go more into on my own blog. I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable here by going into more detail. Near the middle most stitch hangs my Infinite Healing Stone and when I reach it, I say a prayer of blessing for the shawl and that it comfort and warm my friend when see seeks it. I want to find another small peice of Infinite like this one to send along, preferrable I'd like to find one to hang on the needles like this that I can send along as this one is mine and I really don't want to give it away as I like it so much.

I also light a candle before knitting which is surrounded by various other healer stones, including another, larger, piece of Infinite and listen to "healer" music which is mostly goddess chants, nature based music, and music for the chakras. I am enjoying the creation process for this peice and I love the pattern which is a basket weave/checker pattern. I find that my best experience with this project is found while sitting outside on the patio with the music playing softly inside, just loud enough to hear it outside.

Thank goodness for autosave!! Darned thing had an error and I though I lost my post but YAY for google adding this wonderful feature!!!!


Tracy said...

What a beautiful blue color. Good thoughts for your friend from me.

Marlene said...

A special shawl with loving thoughts behind it. What a nice thing you are doing for your friend.

Crow Calling Woman said...