Monday, July 23, 2007


I carded up a bunch of dyed Shetland and added glitz to it. I am spinning this up to knit another shawl for my Mum. It took me a week to fill the bobbin up with singles on my Louet S51 DT! Look at the ball of singles I have now!

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Honeygo Beasley said...

Have you ever spun ... dog hair? My friend had bags of Samoyed hair and I remember she was talking about having it made into a blanket.

(Figures this question would come from the dog blogger!)

How did the toy with frozen peanut butter inside work for your baby while the trademen were in?

LOVE your sparkle with the blue. Gorgeous!

Tracy said...

Great colors. What shawl are you making?

Crow Calling Woman said...

Beasley: Errr...nope never dog dog to spin from. Peanut butter?!...trademen?!!! What in the world are you talkin about! LOL

Tracy: I am knitting the smaller Wing of the Moth shawl for my Mum out of it. Pattern can be found at