Monday, September 17, 2007

Halfway there...

Sorry no photos...I keep forgetting to take pictures until it's nighttime and then the light is yucky.

I've finished the first skein of yarn and have now joined the 2nd skein....I'm on something like #12 of 15 repeats of the main body of the Wing of the Moth shawl....I'm looking forward to seeing how the more variegated yarn knits up - I've noticed small bits of variegation in the first skein, but they are definitely much smaller than the 2nd skein of yarn that I had spun. A reminder of what the skeins look like here. So far, I'm really pleased with the knitting, and the shawl feels so soft - with all that angora in it, I can tell it's going to be very warm. Too bad it's still well over 90 degrees F where I live!

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Tracy said...

I'm making the same shawl and am about at the same place as you. It IS an easy, pleasant thing to knit.