Wednesday, September 26, 2007

First post here

This is my first post here, as well as my first project using my own hand painted and hand spun on my spindle yarn. I love the way it is knitting up, and am making something very simple. It is going to be a bolero jacket, with simple stitched sleeves. I made one using sari silk yarn before and I love it!Here is a picture of the progress. I am using size 8 circ needles(just to support the weight) and the roving to begin with was a plain wool roving, so very soft. I dyed it using kool aide and beet juice left over from pickling beets. My dig camera is weird, so the color is off. The true color is so much softer pinks and greens and purples than the pic is showing, not strong or hard looking at all. I hope to be finished with this, and my clapotis before the secret stole kal starts on the 5th...