Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Thanks so much to Teresa & Kirsten for hosting this lovely spin/kal and allowing me to join in the fun. This is my first post, I've been watching you all for a good part of the summer, while off & on spinning for a shawl, and am finally jumping in.

I am working with two handpainted fibers - 4oz. of Merino/Tencel from Bonkers! in colorway Deep Ocean; and 4 oz. of Tussah Silk from The Flock Bronsanas in colorway Allison. The Allison Fiber is darker in general and is vibrant jewel toned blue and green green in it; the Bonkers leans more to the lighter side. I plan to ply them together for a heavy laceweight/light fingering weight yarn. This is a fairly long term project for me - I am a slow spinner, and have a lot of knitting going on as well, so my time is pretty divided. I started the spinning on this in July - Watching you all is great motivation/inspiration though!

I really love Anne's Morning Glory Shawl, and since I think the yarn may be a bit heavier, this might work out well. I also have had a long standing fascination with the Frost Flowers stitch pattern as used in the Frost Flowers and Leaves pattern from A Gathering of Lace. I would want a rectangular shawl though, I think, so I may have to play a bit. And ultimately, what I do with it depends on the yardage that I end up with. I'm a very new spinner, so we will see!

The spinning on this has taken a bit of a backseat to some knitting I've had going on (though I am working on my first handspun/handknit project right now - socks, come on over & see if you like!), But I plan to finish up spinning the silk by the end of the week, and then the Merino Silk by the end of the month.

Here's and old, rather off-colored photo of the spinning sample - a bit underplied, I'm afraid.

Anyway, Hi! And thanks for letting me play along!!



Hattie said...

Oh those colors are SO gorgeous. It's going to be very nice when it's done and oh man so shiny!

Rosa said...

Looks wonderful! The colors are spectacular. Thanks for the link to the supplier of the roving. I am also looking for new sources. Can't wait to see your finished work.

Tracy said...

Great looking stuff. Looking forward to seeing how it knits up.