Monday, October 29, 2007


Hi All,

It's been awhile since I've last posted on this blog. Way back when, I was torn between spinning some natural colored punta roving I had in my stash or spinning a blend from Paradise Fibers. I ended up spinning both, but only have a picture of the Punta to show for my efforts. Sadly I've yet to knit with

either/or. Although I've been knitting more and more with my handspun, I still wanted a project that I can detail on this blog. Well, ask, and you shall receive. I found my project via the Mystic Waters KAL on yahoo. Mystic Waters is a mystery shawl knitalong. Clues are given out weekly. From there I took it a step further, and decided to spin to knit. Here are some pictures detailing my work thus far

8 oz Merino Top from Little Barn. I spun up a small portion, just to get started knitting in time for the first clue, which was released last WED I yielded around 293 y (2 ply) My plied yarn measures 16wpi in "most" places. Ha. And, finally the knitting. Here's clue 1 all done, patiently waiting for Clue 2 I'm having a blast so far. I think I have enough yarn to get me through 1 more clue, and to the spinning wheel I shall return. The pattern required about 1320y of yarn.

Thanks for letting me share!



Rosa said...

You know I am your Number 1 fan. It is looking great. I like how Chart B progressed. I hope I can get started on it too. Congrats on such lovely progress.

Delighted Hands said...

Love the color-great spinning.