Monday, August 6, 2007

Forest Canopy Shawl Spun and Begun

My first goal was rather ambitious for a fairly new spinner so I have changed my mind and picked an easier, more doable project. I am a member of Amy's Spunky Club and have enjoyed her fiber choices over the last few months. In July the selection was a coopworth wool she called Nightshade. I spun it in a single, my first attempt at singles, and did a fairly god job of it! I predrafted the roving and put only enough twist in to hold it together. The single looked great but needed some 'finishing'. In an effort to see how it would knit up I made a small swatch and was very pleased with the fabric.
Bobbin full of Singles

The singles sat on the bobbin for a few days and then on the niddy noddy for a few days more in an effort to relax the twist a bit. A friend suggested I steam it while on the niddy noddy so it would relax more quickly and I did just that. You can read a bit about my day of finishing several handspun yarns here. The finished singles were more beautiful than I imagined and I decided the yarn would make a lovely shawl.
Nightshade singles
The shawl is Susan Lawrence's Forest Canopy. Susan designed it for a beginning lace knitter and while my skills are more intermediate it's a fun and easy shawl to knit. I think it will be beautiful and I'll come back with pictures once I'm finished.

Nightshade Forest Canopy
I love the way the colors change in the pattern already!



Tracy said...

Nice colors and great spinning job.

AmysBabies said...

It looks wonderful! I can't wait to see it finished :D

sillygirl said...

beautiful...I love this yarn.

Jane said...

Your yarn is quite lovely. I think it will work up fantastic!