Monday, August 20, 2007

First Pictures, baby shawl

Here is my shawl (just begun), spun on an old Elizabeth wheel I picked up at a yard sale. The fibery goodness is merino/cashmere/finn, worked up to a lace weight and 2ply. This is still early in my spinning career, so to make life easy, but slightly challenging, I have decided to knit a baby shawl. I am using the Bird’s Nest shawl from the book Knitting Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle. Here is the first pattern repeat. Onward and upward. For scale, our five cents (pictured) is a little larger than your nickle. The shawl has been scaled down, I am using 132 stitches, and with the yardage should get a nicely sized baby shawl when completed. (Can you tell I hope one day for grandchildren to wrap in something cloud soft - a new heirloom)


Tracy said...

Very, very nice. Lucky grandchildren-to-be.

marysaline said...

looks like some lovely soft yarn. Great job. The blanket will be sooooo soft.