Thursday, August 9, 2007

Done Plying

The alpaca, wool, mohair, and silk is now spun and 2-plied. I ended up with 10 ounces at 1210 yards. More than enough for the Wing of the Moth Shawl. The colors got pretty much muddied up, but there are some patches that have some better color. Just have to knit it up and see how it turns out. It is very soft and a bit fuzzy.


Crow Calling Woman said...

Woot-Woot! I cannot wait to see some progress!! I loved the wing of the moth shawl! Took me six months to complete...but well worth it all in the end!

Jane said...

I think your yarn is beautiful! I bet it will knit a lovely shawl and be elegant and subtle. Lovely work on your part.