Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Handspun Jacob yarn

This is the start of a shawl called "The Diamonds"
The color doesn't really show up well, but it's variegated greys. This was some very soft Jacob wool. I loved spinning it more than any I have ever spun. I love this pattern too.


Necia said...

That is a great start. And, although the yarn you created is one dark in color, I can really sense the softness from your picture alone. I can't wait to see the fo.


Tracy said...

Neat. I like the way the colors "stripe" one way and the lines of eyelets "stripe" the other way. Vey nice.

Anonymous said...

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BAAbins said...

It is a great shawl. I'm sure it will feel wonderful when you get to wear it! Keep up the great work!