Monday, March 3, 2008


Way back when, I introduced myself to the group and talked about knitting a shawl from handspun. At this time, I don't even remember what shawl was in the plans. In any event, I've finally knit a shawl from handspun.


It's the perfect pie shawl and contains a myriad of wools. A secret pal had gifted me with some handspun way before I began spinning. This shawl is comprised of 5 wedges. I used the handspun from my secret pal for the 1st and the 5th wedge. The wool is a mystery to me. For wedges 2-3, I used a mix of alpaca, merino and mohair. Different fibers, suppliers, and hues. I made it work.

Right now my shawl is without an edging, and although it looks fine to me, I long to spin up something contrasting to really complete my handspun shawl. I'm extremely proud of this, and have immediate plans to finish working on my other handspun project on the needles.

Thanks for looking.



Hattie said...

Wow, what a big one! The colors are very nice. I think it looks just fine without an edging, but at the same time, and edging would look pretty too! Maybe in brown or red. If you decide to add one, make sure to post it!

Tracy said...


CAT said...

The colors are beautiful! Nice work!

Dianne said...

It's gorgeous as is..nice work