Friday, November 16, 2007

A Mobius

No, it is not as refined as other recent posts but yes, it fits my style and lifestyle perfectly! The Mobius shawl sets on my shoulders just right and it is warm without being heavy. I am wearing it tonight to our local High School's Championship Football will be just right with my jeans and a light sweater under it!

I do have a 'finer' shawl in the works, but I keep ripping it out.......I will perservere.


Kirsten said...

Your Mobius is lovely. It doesn't have to be "refined" to be a wonderful bit of knitting!

mel said...

I think it's wonderful!! The color is just beautiful - wear it with pride.

Teresa said...

It IS lovely. I really like that green you used. I think it'll be sharp with jeans and a sweater. Have fun at the game!